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At Maximize Health we have seen an inspiring trend of those approaching retirement and the next phase of life with an attitude of health improvement and maintenance. They keep themselves in good shape for retirement, a sea-change, grandparent hood or any other thing that life throws at them while having more birthdays.

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At Maximize Health we have a range of services and products that assist someone who wants to keep in good shape past retirement and beyond. Some assistance from Maximize Health will benefit:

  • Those sportspeople who want to continue their sport for as long as possible
  • Someone who needs advice when the aches and pains are getting in the way of exercise and limiting the level of fitness desired.
  • A person requiring modification of exercise to suit current levels of ability. Maximize Health has a range of exercise classes designed to augment and at times replace previous exercise regimes including hydrotherapy and stretch classes
  • A keen sportsperson requiring maintenance treatment to allow continuation of sport and exercise. This Includes advice on preventative exercise and hands on therapy.


Case Study

J presented to Maximize Health with minimal injury/dysfunction at the time of presentation. His previous injury in his lower back had been addressed through his physiotherapist at Maximize Health and managed by continuing his preventative programme of exercises designed by his physiotherapist. He had recovered from a calf strain and was keen for his next adventure. J came to Maximize Health to structure a programme of treatment and exercises to prevent injury during training and competition to allow for a PB(personal best- time) in the Noosa triathlon.

Treatment, advice and exercises were given and a continuing maintenance programme was designed including physiotherapy and massage. J was diligent with his exercises and dedicated time for treatment sessions while managing through time away with work commitments.

Not only did J not get injured during training or competition, he went on to post a PB at Noosa. He puts his lack of injury down to the assessment based treatment sessions, which allowed relevant treatment application over the course of his training. We celebrate the PB and wish him well for the next challenge of “the 3 Peaks” bicycle ride. J will return to Maximize Health if injuries begin to hamper or limit training or competition.


If you are at a stage of life where you recognize you need help to continue your current level of exercise, prevent unnecessary injury getting in the way of life you wish to lead, or you want to keep in shape and not go through aches and pains to accomplish this, then visit Maximize Health today.