70 +

People are thankfully living longer these days and want to remain independent and capable well into their 70s, 80s and 90s. Maximize Health caters to those living long enough to really enjoy life and we help to maintain that enjoyment and capability for as long as possible.

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We advise on treatment plans, home exercise programmes, appropriate Maximize Health group classes. This is all on an individual basis, catering to the client’s goals, and appropriate to their level of health and conditioning. We aim to allow clients to remain in their homes in safety and independence for as long as they are able to.

Examples of the older person Maximize Health can assist:

  • Mobility advice post fracture from a fall
  • Balance retraining due to lack of confidence and/or falls
  • Those with a desire to stay fit and healthy
  • Injury management
  • Joint degeneration treatment, advice and management


Case Study

J has been a client of Maximize Health for the last 14 years, first presenting with the desire to delay the inevitable surgery on her lower back for as long as possible. Through treatment and exercise prescribed at Maximize Health there was a delay for many years.

After her first surgery, she began hydrotherapy (exercises in the water) at Maximize Health and believes this contributed to the long success of that operation. A further operation was required and after she recovered she returned to hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. J stated that, “Without physio and hydro I would not be as well as I am”. J stated that, “I really miss the hydro when I can’t come as I stiffen up and can’t move as well”.

J has received much advice, treatment and management from Maximize Health over the years including home exercises, mobility and mobility aid advice, hands on therapy and hydrotherapy exercise classes. She continues to be independently mobile, independent at home and continues to drive herself to treatment sessions.