Our Community

Clairvaux MacKillop College (CMC)

Maximize Health has been supporting CMC for 5 years.

Support of CMC includes:

  • sponsorship
  • sports medicine service supply at sport carnivals
  • medical support for sporting teams
  • expert gym/exercise programmes for students and teachers
  • therapeutic treatment for students, parents and teachers

Maximize Health supporting CMC has allowed us to share our expert knowledge to students and upcoming athletes. We have helped to maximize their health and wellbeing while enhancing their performance levels and enjoyment of life while on their scholastic journey.

There is a CMC student and teacher rate for all services at Maximize Health*

Contact our team to help improve student and young sportsperson health today.


St Bernard’s Primary School

Maximize sponsors St Bernard’s every year for the Spring Fair which allows us to give back to those in our local community and support the youth.

There is a St Bernard’s student and teacher rate for all services at Maximize Health*


TRL (Touch Rugby League)

Maximize Health has been working with TRL since 2016

TRL South Brisbane is a social sport played in Brisbane’s southside, namely Sunnybank, Yeronga, Graceville and Fairfield. It’s played four seasons a year at the various locations.

In 2017, TRL South Brisbane entered the highest number of representative teams than any other area into the Queensland State Championships.

Sean has helped to ensure the representative players are ready and warmed up, well protected, strapped and did not make any injuries worse.
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SSA (Southside Aquatics)

Maximize Health welcomed SSA to our community in 2017

(more info to come)



Netball (Wildcats)

The Wildcats joined the Maximize Health community in 2017

(more info to come)

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Maximize Health has been working with Souths since 2016

(more info to come)

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Sunnybank Rugby

Maximize Health has been supporting Sunnybank Rugby for 21 years.

Support of Sunnybank Rugby by the Maximize Health Group includes:

  • team sponsorship
  • game day on-field sports medicine
  • sports injury education, prevention and rehabilitation services
  • medical support to Sunnybank teams for interstate and international competitions
  • volunteer positions in the senior committee and other working parties.

Support of Sunnybank Rugby fulfills Maximize Health’s need to be part of, and support, health and wellbeing in our community. We share our expertise in a amateur environment with the aim of affording the club a service offering to rival the professional levels.

Recent advances in service support include:

  • A triage service on Monday night to assess injuries from the weekend and formulate treatment and rehabilitation programmes to speed players recovery back to training and playing. (Available on request and by appointment to all Sunnybank players.)
  • Pre-season screening to ascertain possible musculoskeletal issues to prevent injury and enhance performance.
  • As always there is a ” Sunnybank” rate for all players and financial members of the club including all therapy services*. Contact our team today to begin your health journey with Maximize Health