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Maxipedia(The team at Maximize Health) describes a “Health Journey Start Up” as a process of starting (or returning to) your journey back to better health and happiness. Ultimately this process may involve many health practitioners and a variety of strategies.

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We get you underway on an appropriate level of exercise intrinsically adapted to your current health level and modifying for injuries or previous barriers. We allow a safe, appropriate, and relevant beginning and progress you over time to health and wellbeing levels that you may not think possible from the outset.

Examples of those who might benefit from a Health Journey Start Up:

  • A mother returning to exercise after time off sport/exercise while beginning a family
  • A previous high level sportsperson returning to sport after time out due to injury, study, career pressures or family commitments.
  • Anyone with a chronic disease eg a diabetic who might be overweight or injured and who desires to control their diabetes and/or decrease medication through diet and education
  • Any overweight, unfit, always injured, continuously tired people who may not be enjoying themselves to their potential, due to a life affecting lack of condition, lack of fitness, lack of health and wellbeing


Case Study

A 27 year old female presented to the clinic after a year of chronic lower back pain, knee pain and inactivity. She was currently unable to work due to her health and was no longer enjoying her normal activities.

Initially, she was unable to walk without the use of crutches and she was extremely weak in both her upper and lower body. After a short period of intensive exercises she was able to walk unaided for short distances and her balance and strength were improving daily. Unfortunately her recovery was slowed by an additional injury to her foot but this patient took it all in her stride!

Luckily, we were using Hydrotherapy as an integral part of her rehabilitation. This allowed her to continue balance, mobility and strength training as well as commence her fitness training even though she was unable to place weight through her foot.

Now, after a few months, this patient is returning to work, her strength and balance are continuing to improve but most importantly she is now able to begin to enjoy normal activities of being outside, swimming and is aiming to progress to rock climbing!


If you want more out of life and realise the way forward is to begin looking after you and gain better health it is time to contact us. If you want to return to sport and have reservations around current levels of fitness or concerns about previous injuries or would benefit from simple injury prevention advice, we have the ability to get you started at appropriate levels. If you are sick of your chronic disease process getting in the way of you enjoying a happy and healthy life it is time to contact us. If you are simply tired of being tired and not able to inject yourself into the life you want, contact us now.