Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Work these days for most people takes up a large percentage of our waking hours so it is desirable to be healthy and happy while at work. It is more enjoyable and ultimately more productive being happier and healthier at work.

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Most workplaces will require their team members to continue designated tasks for long hours at high intensity with little scope for error. This requires the worker to operate like an athlete and requires similar treatment, rehabilitation, advice and health practitioners that an athlete demands. Maximize Health caters extensively to the the Individual Worker (“Industrial Athlete”) and business & companies through our Corporate Health arm.

Our offerings include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Manual Handling
  • Injury management and prevention
  • Ergonomic advice and prescription
  • Worksite visits and assessments
  • Workplace physiotherapy and massage


Case Study #1

E ran a company of over 100 employees with roles requiring an emphasis on manual handling. E was referred to Maximize Health from a past client of Maximize Health. Through a consultation process of ascertaining the specific needs and requirements of the company, a site visit and role observation advice was given on future workplace services required.

Maximize Health began pre-screening prospective employees to place workers safely into appropriate roles and allow E and his company to prevent injury and avoid the unnecessary expense of injury rehabilitation. The belief being that prevention is far better than having to cure for all parties involved.

The company continues to enjoy low levels of lost time injury and importantly has workers that are in appropriate roles. The pre-employment screening continues to help place workers correctly.


Case Study #2

42 year old police woman presented to the Maximize Health clinic at Macgregor following a work place lower back injury. She was unable to complete her normal work duties, unable to exercise and was worried about her future. We were quickly able to identify the serious nature of her injury and referred her off to a specialist. Upon returning from surgery she came to maximize for rehabilitation with the goal of returning to front line duties and swimming.

Through hands on treatment, hydrotherapy and a home exercise program over a period of 4 months she is now walking daily, swimming 15 laps (and counting), passed her front line duties assessment and is more flexible than ever!


If you are a worker that has been injured and want to return to normal life, including work, we have extensive experience in rehabilitation of the work injury and use our knowledge of sports medicine to speed the process and achieve the best result.

If your company is looking to help prevent and manage injury at the workplace we have extensive experience in workplace health.