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At Maximize Health we love young people having a crack at sports as it teaches discipline, teamwork, “hard work pays off”, and it has been proven consistently to assist socialisation and improve mental and emotional development. And most of all it just adds a whole lot of fun to life and leads to greater happiness.

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We cater for any level of the young sportsperson (Ages 7+). From those wanting to improve fitness, be involved in school or club sports and those progressing to the elite level. Each member of our team of health professionals has a keen interest in sport. They match this with a high level of experience in musculoskeletal injuries and management and a strong desire to keep our young sporting clients happy and healthy.

Some examples of those in the Young Sportsperson Arena

A child with “growing pains”– misdiagnosis and incorrect management can lead to long-term damage. Most growing pains are a mismatch between training levels and growth rates. As such they can be described as a type of “overuse injury”. Please don’t accept musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction in the child as simply growing pains. This can lead to unnecessary discomfort and damage and a whole lot less enjoyment of sport or exercise or even enforced time out of sport.

Acute injuries eg. ankle sprains, muscle tears or soreness, dislocations.

Screening -those beginning sport or continuing sport should have their musculoskeletal system assessed to ascertain injury prevention requirements, injury management principles and exercises. This also begins a liaison process between sportsperson, health professional, parent, coach and teachers that we at Maximize Health believe is one of the important first steps of any successful and enjoyable sporting career.

Posture screening – posture and postural muscle strength and endurance is so very important in any sportspersons regime and incredibly important in the younger athlete as good posture sets up an injury prevention mechanism and appropriate developmental milestones important for fine motor skills and concentration levels for life

Change of sport season – all athletes can experience musculoskeletal issues when changing the sport due to the time of year eg going from summer to winter sports, soccer to cricket. This is highly relevant with school age students who may have a transition period where they are continuing the outgoing sport while beginning the new season sport. This is a time when many injuries/ injury processes begin and should be treated with importance. Health practitioners should be consulted if niggles last longer than 1-2 weeks or if pain continues to increase and/or if normal function decreases.

Case Study

N presented to the clinic at school age for massage to alleviate aches and pains from his sporting endeavours. He trained hard and competed harder and at the time had no specific injury. He had a series of massage sessions to good affect allowing him to continue his sport unhindered.

As N progressed in sport, injuries as always, in the elite sport arena, began to appear. We treated N for osteitis pubis (traction) injury, muscle strains (tears), joint sprains and lower back pain. Treatment options included physiotherapy, massage, advice on training intensity, advice on injury prevention, and rehabilitation exercises. We supplied and advised N on products at Maximize Health including tape, self-massage tools, Fisiocrem (natural anti-inflammatory cream) and core stability equipment. All required for rehabilitation, self -management and injury prevention. We liaised with coaches and other health professionals throughout his injuries and rehabilitation. N states that the health professionals in the Maximize referral network (includes sports doctors) were instrumental in his rehabilitation and return to sport.

N has progressed through the ranks of his sport in Australia and competed at the World University Games and the Commonwealth games in Glasgow. He is now on the path to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Go son!


If you have a child beginning sport come to Maximize Health. If you have a young sportsperson with musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction come to Maximize Health. If your young athlete has an injury, come to Maximize Health. If you have a young athlete that will benefit from a screening process to prevent injury, and improve performance in sport and life, you guessed it, come to Maximize Health.